paris: la maison champs-élysées reopening

© maison martin margiela - the lobby's splendour-with-a-twist in a previous post we talked about maison martin margiela's interior design project for 17 rooms and suites [of a total of 57], a restaurant, a bar, a smoking room and the lobby of la maison champs-élysees, a landmark hotel in paris. although the fashion house has been an innovator of sorts through the design of its many flagships and a home product line, this project has been a challenge. the redesigned spaces needed to offer hotel guests a new and different kind of 'haute' hospitality, and maison martin margiela simply redefined the luxury interior matrix, avoiding plush clichés found elsewhere. many of the building's historic details were retained, given contemporary make-over or daringly paired with the brand's signature trompe-l'œil designs. the result looks like a succession of striking stage sets that evoke an atmosphere in which past and present seamlessly fuse. this section of the hotel is slated to reopen next month. shown here are the first shots of la maison champs-élysees' redesigned areas by maison martin margiela. location: 8 rue goujon [champs-élysées].
© maison martin margiela - la maison champs-élysées' cool make-over