paris: la chambre aux oiseaux café opening

© la chambre aux oiseaux - sumptuous breakfast and lunch is served

paris has its fair share of distinctive spots where to shop, mingle or enjoy good cooking. fairly quiet and blessed with typical parisian scen, the canal st.-martin area - centered around an eponymous 19th-century canal built by napoleon to supply the city with fresh water - has gradually emerged as a hipster destination of sorts, featuring an increasing number of cool stores, bars and restaurants that pull savvy crowds from across town. a recent addition is la chambre aux oiseaux, a cool new café where to meet up for a breakfast or lunch of the sumptuous kind. run by hervé and léna, the place is decorated with vintage pieces with personal objects from the latter's childhood days blended in, giving it a homey yet funky charm all its own. the menu is packed with delicacies, ranging from a wide variety of homemade drinks, special breads and delicious cakes. la chambre aux oiseaux is open wednesday through sunday. see you there! location: 48 rue bichat [canal st.-martin].

© la chambre aux oiseaux - homey yet funky