paris: kenny scharf

© colette / kenny scharf - pikaboom [2012]

kenny scharf [1958] is a new york-based painter who was one of the first to connect contemporary art with street art. a graduate in graphic art from the school of visual arts in his hometown, scharf’s work is strongly influenced by pop culture [mostly tv], featuring uniquely upbeat and bright topics and compositions, and which are very often placed in a utopian context. the artist uses various materials such as oil and acrylic paint, glitter dust, and has even created his very own range of spray paintings. currently on at colette is a solo exhibition which presents a series of scharf's exemplary paintings and sculptures [on through apr 5]. the show coincides with the release of a collection by designer jeremy scott on which scharf has collaborated and which will also be available at the store. mind you, the exhibition's official opening party is held wed - feb 26 [4.30pm-.6.30pm] in attendance of the celebrated fashion designer. location: 213 rue st.-honoré [st.-honoré].

© colette / kenny scharf - here it is! [2010] and glazed calm [2007]