paris: jeff koons

© jeff koons - antiquity 3 [2009-2011] - oil on canvas

a chronicle of modern times who has brilliantly mimicked and mocked us and the world we live in, jeff koons [1955] is a creative visionary who has become a household name even beyond the realm of contemporary art. after a much-publicized launch at the whitney museum of american art in new york city earlier this year, the artist's elaborate retrospective has landed at centre pompidou in paris, presenting the most comprehensive range ever of koons' work. as can be expected, the exhibition takes a thorough approach, highlighting the many cycles in the artist’s work from both a historic and chronological perspective. koons is known to be quite a clever juggler of references and styles, and the diversity of the works on display - these have been brought together for the occasion from collections from across the planet - is a major, if not rare, pull factor for any art aficionado. mind you, some of the pieces have become almost as iconic as the master himself. thanks to his creative prowess and audacity, jeff koons became increasingly established with each new series he created. this retrospective obviously includes the stellar series which focus on the iconography of mass culture expressing the american dream, and made him a household name just about anywhere [on through apr 27]. location: centre pompidou, place pompidou [étienne marcel].

© jeff koons - three ball total equilibrium tank (dr j. silver series) [1985] and michael jackson and bubbles [1988]