paris: iris in paris

© le bon marché / photography: gabriel de la chapelle

now a legit fashion icon with a global following among fashionistas and leading designers, iris apfel first gained the limelight in the 1950s as the wife of an influential and well-connected entrepreneur from new york city. together, they set up a successful textile firm – mind you, she became a prominent interior decorator along the way, engaging even in the restoration of the white house – and started collecting exotic, artisanal apparel pieces from around the planet. and it wasn't long until apfel started to wear these garments to high-profile society parties around manhattan, laying the solid foundation of her current fashion credibility. fast forward to 2016: the geriatric it girl has made a grand arrival at le bon marché in paris, and obviously it's for a reason.

apfel has been invited to the luxury department store for an elaborate showcase of her inimitable sense of style by way of ten symbolic trunks. each trunk represents a different outfit for a specific occasion, and is accompanied by a compelling shortfilm. the showcase is complemented by a series of funky sketches by illustrator éric giriat, all inspired by apfel's silhouettes, are exhibited on the second floor. and that's not all. in tandem with the icon's style extravaganza, le bon marché has worked with apfel on a capsule collection that takes cues from apfel's signature style. the range of goods, has been created in-house or with other brands, and includes an exotic mongolian shoulder bag, bracelets and necklaces, and even her apfel's huge trademark glasses in a shades version [on through apr 16]. location: 24 rue de sèvres [st.-germain].

© le bon marché