paris: monstrous mess

© palais de tokyo / asim waqif's installation at palais de tokyo

hailing from delhi, artist asim waqif trained as an architect. although he initially worked as an art director in the film industry, waqif started making independent videos and short films before embarking full-time on 3d art projects. these are a hybrid blend of art, design and architecture, and reference contemporary urban planning and development. interestingly, some of his projects have been audaciously staged within derelict inner city structures. waqif's work is not void of criticism either, as it frequently hints respect of the environment and the urge for sustainability. the artist's first ever exhibition in europe opens to the crowds at palais de tokyo on fri - dec 7. called bordel monstre, it features an intricately crafted intervention made from reused bits and pieces that have been left over from earlier exhibitions. it's a structure inhabited by a complex interactive electronic system, reacting differently according to each visitor. location: 13 avenue du président wilson [champs-élysées].

© palais de tokyo / asim waqif - untitled [2012]