paris: honet

© honet

honet is a paris-based graffiti artist and illustrator. an avid traveller with a penchant for off-the-beaten-track urban places and a keen eye for detail, his many cultural escapades have certainly influenced his artwork. as a modern-day chronicler, honet's often reflects the evolving microcosm we live in. blending in his many interests and obsessions, it has a distinct style of its own that has been picked up by brands such as prada, ruby and lacoste. for the latter he has recently designed a mini capsule collection injected with his personal sense and view of parisian elegance. currently on display at the sergeant paper store in the french capital is the third installment of a sale exhibition of limited edition illustrations by this interesting french artist [on through may 20]. location: 38 rue quincampoix [étienne marcel].

© sergeant paper / honet