paris: heritage

© marie hudelot - camouflage with bull darts

photographer marie hudelot [1981] hails from the south of france but lives and works in paris. she has created a series of peculiar portraits that incorporate a series of objects in possession by her family, and which interestingly reflect their roots in france, europe and algeria. a related photo exhibition, aptly named héritage, opens thu - mar 27 [6pm-9pm] at galerie rivière / faiveley in paris. the photographs feature people dressed up and adorned with the family objects, but depicted in the artistic tradition of a still life. the props take over the image in such a way that it allows the viewer to reinterpret the images and the cultural connotations that come with them. location: galerie rivière / faiveley, 70 rue notre dame de nazareth [marais].

© marie hudelot - camouflages with gaz mask, feathers and ribbons [top to bottom]