paris: henzel studio collab art pillows

© henzel studio - design by assume vivid astro focus

henzel studio is a gothenburg-based luxury rug manufacturer established in 1999. helmed by painter and collage artist calle henzel, the company has translated artistic practice into the medium at hand, positioning itself at the innovative forefront of the industry. henzel banks heavily on this progressive outlook by launching henzel studio collaborations, a platform which allowed him to work with today's leading contemporary artists by offering an alternate media and the extraordinary practices that are involved in the making of henzel studio’s rugs.
 the collaborations have not only expanded but also diversified, and now include a collection of artsy pillows.

this second collection, a follow-up of the henzel studio collaboration vol. 1, once again features a curated edition of designs by various artists, including jürgen teller, scott campbell, nan goldin, tom of finland, jack pierson and assume vivid astro focus. each artist had free reign to design three pillows each, and the collab collection will see a global launch at colette in paris – yes, where else? – on mon - mar 23 with a special showcase. on display will be designs from henzel studio's first collab series, in addition to a preview of henzel studio heritage: tom of finland, an overlapping collab collection of both rugs and pillows, designed by tom of finland. location: colette, 213 rue st.-honoré [st.-honoré].

© henzel studio - designs by scott campbell and jack pierson [top + bottom]