paris: h&m champs-élysées store opening

it's a swede victory. we're talking the newly opened h&m flagship on the prestigious avenue des champs-élysées. when the fast-fashion behemoth announced interest in opening a flagship store there in 2006, it faced fierce opposition. the city's commercial planning department feared a 'banalization' of the illustrious thoroughfare with the arrival of a brand that caters to the masses. but in the end, h&m had its way. it stepped up its retail game [read: making it champs-élysées worthy] and hired starchitect jean nouvel to come up with a store design that would by far exceed the generic aesthetic level of h&m outlets across the planet...and he did just that. the new store not only looks amazing, it's quite big, measuring a whopping 2,800 sqm. spread over three floors. exposed white limestone is the primary material featured in the shop interior, matched with sleek, contrasting industrial fixtures and lighting. the focal point of the store is visible from outside and within, in 11 led screens that create a moving story from the sidewalk. location: 88 avenue des champs-élysées [champs-élysées]. © h&m