paris: greetings

kyle field, nathaniel russell and alia shawkat are three artists from california who explore the literal and abstracted meanings of a greeting. their group show greetings, opening at brachfeld gallery on thu - may 24 [6pm-10pm] is a multimedia showcase. the trio will many pieces on display that were created back home, but also a series that have especially been created for this show in france during an intensive creative residency in a medieval village in burgundy during the weeks leading up to the opening. as said, they explore the implications of the concepts behind greetings while existing and creating as foreigners in an unfamiliar setting. during this time they'll also realize the collaborative musical experience that will be performed at the opening event. field has been performing and recording for years under the name little wings while russell plays and records music under the name birds of america and shawkat has recently been performing jazz standards in both new york and los angeles. location: 78 rue des archives [marais].

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