paris: davide quayola + joanie lemercier

© galerie l.j. / joanie lemercier - eyjafjallajökull

the digital age has put an ongoing turbo spin on creativity, rapidly expanding our horizons and frequently having us marvel at yet another innovative concoction. the current exhibition by visual wizzards davide quayola [1982] and joanie lemercier [1982] at galerie l.j. in paris has this label written all over. while the first is interested in renaissance painting and classical sculptures, and simultaneously uses video, photography, sound and live performance, the latter's creative output shifted from vj-ing to set design, digital installations and architectural projection, in addition to a strong focus on mapping projection. on display is a series of stunning audio-visual installations that showcase the very specific craft and unbridled imagination of both talented artists [on through may 13]. location: 12 rue commines [marais]. 

© galerie l.j. / joanie lemercier - origami and mapping and light canvas III