paris: condensation

© fondation d'entreprise hermès / photo: tadzio / sébastien gschwind - un genre humain [2011]

opening on fri - jun 21 at palais de tokyo in paris is the massive nouvelles vagues showcase which emphasizes the emergence of the curator. as one if the exhibitors that fills up pretty much all of the venue, fondation d'entreprise hermès - a special foundation of luxury brand hermès that promotes traditional craft skills, supports the creative arts, related education and training, and all with an environmental as well -  participates with a sophisticated presentation of its own called condensation. the nouvelles vagues show is a large-scale event organized by 21 international young curators, working individually or in groups, and have been selected by a jury from over 500 candidates.

the hermès presentation is curated by gaël charbau who has brought together works created as part of a series of special artist residencies that have been sponsored by the fondation d’entreprise hermès. the show is conceived as an encounter between the realms of dream interpretation and alchemy, and is structured around formal and narrative echoes that leads the viewer to the heart of matter, along a path dotted with works by various artists. this will be the first public showcase of these works. participating artists include sébastien gschwind, marie-anne franqueville, andrés ramirez, atsunobu kohira and félix pinquier. location: palais de tokyo, 13 avenue du président wilson [champs-élysées].

© fondation d'entreprise hermès / photo: tadzio / andrés ramirez - lost in love [detail of silk printing, 2012] and félix pinquier - station [2012]