paris: concrete islands

© analix forever / iwan baan - morning routine, le corbusier, palace of the assembly, chandigarh [2010] analix forever heads for paris! the geneva-based art gallery presents the concrete islands exhibition there, opening on sat - apr 9 [2pm-8pm / drinks from 5pm]. curated by architecture expert elias redstone, this interesting group show explores contemporary experiences of utopian architectural projects through photography and film. for many architects modernism was a physical manifestation of human progress. interestingly, architectural historian colin rowe concluded that 'the architect could stipulate an intrinsic connection between the form of his buildings and the condition of society'. on display are a series of photographs and films that document, celebrate and critique architectural projects designed with inherent social and political values and that now exist in various stages of inhabitation, dereliction and even destruction. participating artists are mounir fatmi, iwan baan, niklas goldbach, frédéric chaubin and andreas angelidakis. location: 6 rue elzévir [marais].
© analix forever / andreas angelidakis - troll - video still [2011]