paris: chasing napoleon

opening thu - oct 15 [8pm-midnight] at palais de tokyo is the chasing napoleon group show. it's 1977 and theodore kaczinsky [who doesn’t yet answer to the name unabomber] lives alone in a small cabin in montana in anticipation of the 'collapse of the technological system'. artist paul laffoley finishes the renovatio mundi in the confines of a 15 sqm. atelier, and dieter roth works on a long-term project: a photographic inventory of all the streets and houses in reykjavík [33,000 slides]. that same year, the community reinvestment act is passed, an attempt to regulate subprime lending. the show is a wavering of interpretations, an inversion of values, a paradox of situations and recognizes how a rise and fall can spread to reality itself. location: 13 avenue du président wilson [champs-élysées]. © paul laffoley - temporality: the great within of the universe [1974]