paris: chanel mobile art pavilion

remember chanel's spectacular mobile art pavilion that toured the planet two years ago? due to the economic meltdown the tour was abruptly aborted after only three stops, and the pavilion never made it to its final destinations paris and moscow. we always wondered what had happened to this spaceship-like structure, designed by starchitect zaha hadid. well, it turns out that the mobile art pavilion will come to europe after all, albeit in a different context. chanel actually decided to donate it to the institut du monde arabe in paris, after the latter had expressed their interest in the pavilion. early next year it will be installed in front of the institute and accommodate contemporary art exhibitions from the arab countries. location: 1 rue des fossés st.-bernard [st.-germain]. © chanel / the mobile art pavilion's new home at the institut du monde arabe in paris