paris: bruce nauman

© bruce nauman + adagp - carousel (stainless steel version) [1988] - courtesy of glenstone

for the first time in little over 15 years, a major solo exhibition dedicated to american artist bruce nauman [1941] is held in france. considered one of the most influential contemporary artists today, nauman has created numerous genre-defining works through the exploration of the body and language, as well as performance over the past 50 years. opening sat - mar 14 at fondation cartier in paris is an elaborate showcase for which the artist made a careful selection of recent works never before shown in this country, along with some earlier installations, created from a wide array of media that he has explored throughout his career.
the exhibition reflects his continued interest in linking his works to their environment and intensifying the audience’s physical and emotional experience of his pieces. interestingly, the immersive works on display were chosen for their resonance with the fondation cartier building by architect jean nouvel, and emphasize the contrast between the transparency of the ground floor and the enclosed lower level. and while this exhibition provides a look into nauman’s most striking works of the last two decades, it also lays bare the often unexplored parallel between his abstract video and sound works, which focus on his exploration of the human voice and body, and his monumental installations, rich with spiritual and environmental references. location: 261 boulevard raspail [montparnasse].

© bruce nauman + adagp paris - anthro/socio (rinde facing camera) [1991] and untitled [2015] - courtesy of glenstone