paris: beaubien store opening

© beaubien - an interesting new men's emporium bows in the marais

the marais district in paris arguably has the highest density of cool boutiques in all of europe, and it seems that each week a new interesting emporium pops up that's worth checking out. in this category falls beaubien, a contemporary menswear store that has opened its doors in the area's upper section. while its name references the way many japanese apparel companies' usage of randomly picked french syllables to invent their name, it also happens to be a subway station in montreal, the city where owner julien bouzereau once spent a few months to study. this eclectic scope obviously extends to beaubien's store concept.

amidst a clean modern setting of white walls, light timber flooring and vintage scandinavian furniture, bouzereau presents a tightly edited selection of quality brands from all corners of the globe. aiming to be a one-stop shop for savvy males, beaubien carries apparel, bags and accessories by brands you won't easily come across elsewhere, from denim shirts by dana lee and orslow, to marcomonde socks, trophy bags by bag 'n' noun and battenwear jackets. indeed gentlemen, it looks like you just found your fav new shop. location: 21 rue notre dame de nazareth [marais].

© beaubien - inside the store