paris: balenciaga flagship store opening

© balenciaga - balenciaga steps up its retail presence in paris

theatrical is quite an understatement. we're talking balenciaga's new flagship that opens today in the french capital, one in a series that will be launched across the planet this season. similar to its existing outlets, creative director nicolas ghesquière has designed the store interior in collab with artist dominique gonzalez-foerster. housed in a modern structure, the 300 sqm. retail space is sliced into separate sections by a series of partition walls, albeit alternated by slabs of concrete and with plentiful cut-outs, and at intervals also serving as display areas. the flooring is eclectic, featuring various materials, colours and patterns, from floral purple carpet to emerald green marble. the cacophony miraculously works wonders thanks to the partition walls which direct the shopper's gaze to the far back of the store, and allowing only a teasing glimpse of the design in the next 'shopping alley'. a mirrored ceiling with rows of hi-tech spotlights not only reflects the design below but adds full-on glam. balenciaga's new flagship carries the brand's full women's ready-to-wear, accessories and fragrance collections. location: 336 rue st.-honoré [st.-honoré].

© balenciaga - theatrical is an understatement