palm springs: ace hotel opening

the people of ace hotel have crafted a unique hotel concept that blends cool with character. geared towards travelling creatives, all properties are cleverly linked to the local culture and this is also evident in the hotel interiors. sun – feb 15 will see the soft launch of a surprising new venture, the ace hotel + swim club in sun-drenched palm springs. the hotel boasts 180 rooms, all furnished in ace hotel signature style: vintage furniture, use of natural and sustainable materials, slatted walls which allow you to hang your own pictures [we lurrrve this kind of personalization] and it’s complimented with all the modern amenities you could wish for. additionally, there’s an indoor/outdoor spa and two saltwater pools plus bar. and we tell you, coachella will never be the same! location: 701 east palm canyon drive. © d.l. thompson + jon johnson / room at the ace hotel + swim club, palm springs