oslo: mardou & dean s/s 2015 collection

© mardou & dean / tor gunnar berland

there's a lot of creative talent in norway, but it looks as if only now that 'the scene' is coming of age, young people actually start to believe there's an opportunity to make it on home turf rather than opting for a career abroad, and better still, constructing it from a norwegian point of view. mardou & dean is a young oslo-based fashion brand, founded by ingrid bredholt and patrik rosenfors. a young and ambitious duo which trained in fashion design in milan, they're emblematic for the growing force and newly gained self-confidence of the creative scene in the norwegian capital, and are carving out a name for themselves with streetwise collections for young and savvy urbanites. mardou & dean's presentation of its s/s 2015 collection was held at one of the buildings that make up akershus festning, a medieval fortress complex which overlooks the scenic oslo fjord.

mardou & dean's s/s 2015 collection is another ode to rebellious youth culture, albeit one that playfully blends in elements of a more glamourous existence. men's and women's looks are tailored and have a gutsy flair, featuring suede in natural dyed colors, crushed velvet, hand-embroidery in gold thread and beads, giving specific pieces a distinct vintage look. while the multitude of looks created a certain incoherence, certain pieces stood out as being iconic pieces for this young brand, notably the men's leather jackets. as it turns out, mardou & dean teamed up with an italian artisan atelier to create these garments, all inspired by classic motor racing designs. a quirky edge was provided by the aesthetics of astrology - with emphasis on the sign of scorpio for men and leo for women - but which added artistic value to only a few pieces. mardou & dean already operates a store in oslo, with a bigger flagship set to open next month and audacious plans to expand abroad.

© mardou & dean / photography: tor gunnar berland