oslo: astrup fearnley museum opening

© astrup fearnley museet / photography: nic lehoux - oslo's new home of modern art

founded only in 1993, the astrup fearnley museum has quickly developed into oslo's leading contemporary art venue. the privately owned museum had been housed in a modern downtown structure since it opened but recently moved into a much bigger and specially-designed premises by italian starchitect renzo piano. the new building measures 7,000 sqm. [75,000 sq.ft.] and next to exhibition space, it accommodates a cultural center and offices. built in a triangular shape, the museum consists of two main blocks split by a canal but covered by a curving roof which dips down towards the water’s edge in tjuvholmen, a redeveloped and upscale harbourside neighbourhood. it's been designed as such that the museum experience starts well before visitors enter the actual building by guiding them along the canal and across passage ways first.

once inside, the temporary exhibition are unfolds in a big double-height space where natural light is filtered from an expansive glass roof. following level by level, a sequence of smaller art spaces is linked by a bridge, leading the view towards the sculpture park outside and the piazza, connecting the inside with the outside. by walking out on the opposite side of the canal the experience continues: more spaces for art on two levels show its permanent collection. astrup fearnley museum's permanent collection is based on a private collection that has significantly expanded through acquisitions. its emphasis is predominantly on modern american art, and includes work by leading artists such as jeff koons, bruce nauman, sigmar polke, shirin neshat and matthew barney. location: strandpromenaden 2 [tjuvholmen].

© astrup fearnley museet / photography: nic lehoux - inside the new museum, sculpture garden [top to bottom]