osaka: your body is yours

© wolfgang tillmans - harvard astrophysics institute - european southern observatory [2012]

for the first time in iittle over a decade, fine art photographer wolfgang tillmans [1968] lands a museum exhibition in japan. the german-born lensman shot to fame in the early 1990s, capturing britain's exuberant youth culture in all its forms on camera, and gain a cult status with this specific focus and style. ever since, his creative output has been heavily influenced by contemporary themes and issues such as sexuality, politics and economics. tillmans' new exhibition, entitled your body is yours, opens today at the national museum of art in osaka, and presents 200 of his works, ranging from photographs he has shot in the past to his most recent photographs. the exhibition space has been designed by the artist himself and will also feature book for architects, a video installation he especially created for last year's venice architecture biennale [on through sep 23]. location:  4-2-55 nakanoshima [nakanoshima].

© wolfgang tillmans - filament [2014] and headlight (d) [2012]