online: zinegapore

© kinetic

singapore has very successfully turned 50 and wants the world to know it. not surprisingly, a explosion of festivities have kicked off to celebrate its many achievements. and although much of it has a proven track record, most of the festivities may be a tad too self-congratulatory when viewed from other parts of the planet. a more whimsical – and because of that more realistic – ode has been created by local creative agency kinetic. first created as a guide for foreign visitors [mind you, it was conceptualized as an installation for the singapore: inside out exhibition held in beijing and london earlier this year and with stop-overs in new york and on home turf to come], it's entitled zinegapore and makes an entertaining read for everyone by offering insights to local offer insights into our local cultures, practices and lingos. in a tongue-in-cheek manner that's not afraid to make fun of it at the same time. the full zinegapore e-zine can be downloaded for free via the apple appstore and is exclusively for ipad only.