online: wearehere #1

© wearehere - cover of issue #1

wearehere is a new and clever lo-fi travel magazine that features destinations with an appealing insider perspective, going beyond trodden paths and steering clear from corny clichés. founded by conor purcell, wearehere features an enticing mix of long form journalism, poetry, humour and short stories, as well as a striking photographic narrative. mind you, all the images are taken on a smart phone, and the magazine is put together on a laptop. this is immersive publishing at its finest, a long-form postcard of sorts from some of the most interesting places on the planet! issue #1 features a range of interesting and underexposed ins and outs of wearehere's booming hometown of dubai. as the magazine is published here, it's currently only available at local stockists but can also be purchased online if you reside elsewhere. international distribution will be launched shortly through select stockists worldwide.

© wearehere - spread shots of the dubai issue