online: unite all originals

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adidas originals has teamed up with two iconic creative forces, run-dmc and dj a-trak, to launch a new and rather brilliant interactive campaign called unite all originals. it comes with an online video that sees the pairing at a new york recording studio working on a catchy new anthem. as you'd expect, sparks fly...but not simply because of them! run-dmc have blazed a trail by pioneering the mixing-up of hiphop and rap with rock; and mixmaster a-trak may have delivered some of the most memorable beat mash-ups, but here it's you that calls the shots. through this interactive video fans across the world can now connect to make the greatest mix of all time and bring the legends to life. run-dmc become the players in this video controlled by you: by using voice commands and adding visual effects, you're able to influence the video and trigger special effects and animations. you need to check this out!