online: trespass

13 december 2010 by andreas
© taschen - trespass subversion of a wonderfully fresh artistic kind, that's what taschen's trespass is all about. this past decade, and pretty much in sync with the advancement of internet access and immediate and global exposure, street art has become an inspiration source [and thus a force] to be reckoned with. the 320-page book not only examines the rise and reach of global art, tracing key figures, event and movements in the city's social space, but also the history of urban reclamation, protest and illicit performance. an interesting variety of works of 150 urban artists from different eras is featured in trespass, including spencer tunick, jenny holzer and the elusive yet inavoidable banksy. a major extra are the unpublished images of a few artists and an exclusive preface by banksy.
© taschen / zevs - liquidated mcdonalds - paris [2005]