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as founder of blend and joint publisher of ilovefake, two forward lifestyle magazines on the euro market, jurriaan bakker knows a thing or two about indie fashion, design, art, and last but not least, the lack of opportunities and expertise many young creatives are faced with. bakker came up with the idea to give this group of designers, creatives and artists a voice in support of their pursuit of beauty, and with partner claudia heika he has just launched the way of living 24, an online marketplace that connects independent designers, photographers and creatives with a savvy global audience.

the platform follows developments such as the slow fashion movement, the growing popularity of niche labels and the curated lifestyle. the way of living 24 focuses on those who are looking for unique quality products, made by independent labels supporting slow fashion instead of mass-produced stock. in fact, the way of living 24 provides the technology and services, enabling these young labels to have a global reach and make them more profitable. the list of featured products is already quite impressive, featuring over 150 independent labels from 25 countries and more than 3,000 lifestyle products. we gather it'll be your first stress-free holiday gifting season...

© the way of living 24 - van heesch bicycle and bag by vlieger & van dam