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fashion brand scotch & soda presents the first of a new and evocative series of short films, following the journey of a special object that has crossed the path of many of us, and is the keeper of many secrets. the first episode sets a compelling tone, as it takes you from one ineresting place to another, introducing a scenic northern italian setting with both tradtional characters and an off-beat heroine called zaria. the 120-second brand film kicks off with a scene at local barber shop bellizzi where the owner misplaces the most treasured item of his razor collection. then, there's an almost immediate shift to the adventurous protagonist, a pretty blonde exotically named zaria, who's known to be easily bored and longs to see the world. the prerequisite love factor is incarnated by charlie – obviously handsome, and we suppose dutch as well – and the two eventually end up in beautiful amsterdam. end of story? of course not. this is a series, remember? this scotch & soda short film has premiered in art house cinemas in select countries in europe and can be viewed on digital channels as well.