online: the pillar

the exceptionally talented australian-born, icelandic designer sruli recht has turned his keen mind to the ever-present issue of ergonomics in the modern epoch. the vast majority of us spend hours crouched in front of or over our laptops and the long-term health impacts of this behaviour and posture is far from healthy.

the pillar itself is cut from a single sheet of fluted stock, laminated with a matte polypropylene finish and simply and elegantly folded into a lightweight, portable notebook stand who’s utility is matched only by its practicality. the piece supports up to 30kgs, laptops up to 15” and weighs in at a mere 150 grams.

the project is being funded via kickstarter – and features some incredible extra items for those willing to dig a bit deeper. these include laser-cut reindeer leather laptop sleeves for 13-inch and 15-inch computers, a wood laminated edition of the pillar, and last but not least, a full day studio visit and a dinner with the creative genius himself, sruli recht, in reykjavík