online: the mastaba - project for abu dhabi

© taschen - cover of the book

christo is a renowned artist who doesn't shy away from a massive project. he's known for much-publicized creations such as the wrapped pont neuf in paris and miami's surrounded islands. next month publisher taschen releases christo and jeanne claude - the mastaba. project for abu dhabi, an interesting publication that relates to an equally interesting project by christo and his wife jeanne-claude. the book tells the story of the project - initially conceived way back in 1977, and an endeavour we assumed was shelved  - until today, and is illustrated throughout with the photography photographer wolfgang volz. the so-called mastaba is to be erected in abu dhabi, from a staggering 410,000 multi-colored barrels, forming a mosaic of bright sparkling colors that echoes islamic architecture. it'll measure 150 meters [492 ft.] high, 225 meters [738 fft.] deep at the 60 degree slanted walls and 300 meters [984 feet] wide at the vertical walls. the massive work will not only be the artist's greatest achievement and only permanent large-scale work, but also the biggest sculpture in the world. the evolution of the mastaba is captured through images of christo’s earliest drawings from the 1970s to his most recent work, and through the publication of maps, technical data, and engineering drawings. many of these images and documents are published for the first time. the book is a multilingual edition, published in both english and arabic. fancy a copy? click [here] for more information.

© taschen - christo and his wide in abu dhabi [top], collage of the mastaba [bottom]