online: the lunar rock edition by marc newson

unveiled by taschen earlier this year at art basel, it's one of the most peculiar product launches of the year. we're talking the lunar rock edition by marc newson of norman mailer's book moonfire. designed by the inimitable marc newson, this is a true collector's item as only 12 copies have been released, symbolically numbered 1958 to 1969. the design concept is inspired by the apollo 11 lm and each book is contained in an lm-inspired case which surface is an actual 3d topography of the moon, made from a single piece of aluminium [523 x 596 x 347 mm, 22kg]. amazingly, the item comes with a separately packaged piece of lunar rock and a plexiglass-framed print, signed by legendary moon man buzz aldrin. price is available upon request. © taschen