online: the invitation to adventure

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the intuitive travelers that we are, we love to wander the planet's untrodden paths. whether it's in the great outdoors or in the urban jungle, exposing ourselves to chance encounters, finding hidden gems and living the ultimate sense of adventure. it's an outlook on life we share with teva, the iconic sport sandal brand. they've launched a series of inspiring short film that focus on a number of young creatives and their great passion in life. after featuring musician kilo kish and photographer yumna al-arashi, it's david alexander flinn who is put in the spotlight. hailing from new york city, the quirky sculptor is seen scavenging the ocean shore. it's not only his ideal place to retrieve materials, but also a source of inspiration for his industrial-meets-organic, large-scale sculptures. and flinn does so while wearing black universal teva originals, a timeless strap-on sandal that allows a wandering lifestyle in pretty much any circumstances.