online: the gold of the andes

© the inoue brothers - fraternal gazing over the andes

satoru and kiyoshi inoue a.k.a. the inoue brothers are the founders of one of denmark's coolest contemporary fashion exports. born and bred in copenhagen with japanese roots, the fraternal duo have made a name for themselves with cool knitwear styles, crafted from alpaca and vicuña wools from the remote peruvian andes. their keen eye for detail and interest in cultural heritage of their raw material resulted in a fascinating journey to south america to participate in a chaccu, the traditional capturing and shearing ritual instigated by the ancient inca thousands of years ago. interestingly, the incas believed that the vicuñas were reincarnations of young maidens, rewarded with furs of pure gold in return for giving life to their great civilization.

the brothers were fortunate to encounter a large variety of indiginous communities and extraordinary individuals, one of them being anthropologist alonso burgos. burgos was amongst the pioneers to reintroduce the ancient chaccu ceremony to locals as means to social engagement and as a sustainable model for community building. a short film, dubbed the gold of the andes, documents duo's adventurous trip. a collab project with mb! by mercedes-benz, the film was directed by roby kikic and joppe rog, and produced by amsterdam-based creative agency present plus