online: #shotbykarl - part 1

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the quest for youth and beauty obviously is most frantic in the world of fashion. while fame and fortune is reserved only for a lucky few, there are thousands of hopefuls willing to give it their best shot. and volatile as the business is, one day you're in, next day you're out, adding even more spin to the it model rotation. earlier this year vman magazine launched the vman/ford model search, and interestingly it was decided to create an online series, hosted by the charmingly inquisitive ivan olita, that elaborates on model search and its fresh faced participants. so, things were kept under wraps following the initial casting. in an effort to keep the ford contract winner a secret, not much was communicated about the epic journey that eight guys took to compete for that coveted title, hence this series. mind you, each of the finalists had a backstory worth telling. here's a trailer of the upcoming miniseries, starring the finalists, host ivan olita, and the illustrious master of ceremonies, monsieur karl lagerfeld