online: sauna w/ #1

© sauna - cover of sauna w/ issue #1

sauna is an independent publishing house that unites a string of editors, curators and other contributors based in berlin, frankfurt, oporto, barcelona and new york city. it has just released the first issue of a new publication called sauna w/ magazine as a project to explore art and creativity through the eyes of an invited author, to which an entire issue will be dedicated. sauna w/ aims to give an in-depth perspective of the author's personal experience, creative process and methods, basically what really makes him or her tick. for sauna w/'s launch issue the focus is on catalan fashion photographer césar segarra's creative universe. it reveals for example why he tied up actor daniel brühl´s hands in plastic for a portrait shoot, how he met entertainer amanda lepore, or shoot that other new york nightlife fixture sophia lamar in the streets of the big apple. you fancy? then click [here] to purchase your copy. 

© sauna - spread shots of the launch issue