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rpmwest is a new denim line from san francisco and run by a passionate group of designers, technologists and friends. they make premium jeans from the highest quality japanese selvedge and american sourced trimmings, and delivered and sold to you wholesale. rpmwest believes that the essence of denim is simplicity. after all, jeans used to be a democratic garment, one you could count on to be affordable and reliable. unfortunately this is rarely the case these days given the many exploited workers that make cheap jeans with cheap materials, while on the other hand artisan, selvedge denim often costs more than usd 200. and neither retail nor online stores offer an ideal purchasing experience. online stores have a leg up in convenience, but only if you order the right size the first time. that's why today [8am - pst] rpmwest launch a project on kickstarter to make things happen. rpmwest are selling american made selvedge denim for usd 95, and if they reach their stretch goal they'll offer an option for three pairs of jeans with every order at no extra charge. now how about that? view the video below or click [here] for more info.