online: roy roger's - a/w 2013 rugged collection

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rugged never looked so good. we're talking the new roy roger's a/w 2013 rugged collection, the brand's vintage line that's inspired by classic 1950s american college aesthetics. it's an entire men's wardrobe that gets you through the day in style with a variety of smart options. there's wool sweaters, english shetland jackets by moon, oxford shirts and cotton socks with colours of american college football teams. mind you, the retro aspect is excellently executed and comes with a sharp eye for detail. each item is high on authenticity regarding shapes, colours and even the labels, which also add a contemporary edge as well. shown here are two items that we particularly like. the new roy roger's a/w 2013 rugged collection is available from coming september at new online retailer sevenbell.

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