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© roetz - a sustainable bike for savvy urbanites

bikes are synonymous to amsterdam, and anyone who's been there knows they crowd the streets just about anywhere. being such a preferred, heavy-duty mode of transport by its inhabitants means a lot of wear and tear of this specific vehicle, and the plenty of scrap that comes with it. roetz is a newly established bicycle manufacturing company with a mission: crafting sustainable bikes. they do so by recycling as many bike compenents as possible - unfortunately not all are suitable - while also applying as many natural materials as possible.

for instance, the vehicle's mudguards are made from carefully sourced wood, the handles from portuguese cork and the leather saddles have been tanned in an eco-friendly way. roetz bikes come in three cool models, and as they're all assembled from scrap parts they all look unique. interestingly, you can drop off your old bike for a roetzification and have it propery pimped the roetz way. mind you, roetz bikes are also about social engagement as all bikes are crafted in collaboration with sheltered workshops in the city. the bikes are available at select stockists across europe, but can also be ordered online from next month.

© roetz - this one matches your rick owens jacket...