online: robot factory

© the avant/garde diaries - dr. leila takayama goofing around with pr2

launched last year by mercedes-benz with a big party in berlin, the avant/garde diaries is a prestigious digital interview magazine which documents personal views on the avant-garde. additionally, it hosts related events, curated by a veteran of the creative industry in leading cities across the planet. the magazine has just released robot factory, a video interview with leila takayama, a research scientist and manager in human-robot interaction at willow garage in the san francisco bay area. takayama has been named as one of fast company’s 100 most creative people in business, and arguably is the best person to chat about the past, present, and future of robotics. in the video the avant/garde diaries meet up with takayama to chat about the future presence of robots in people's lives. interestingly, she dramatizes her theory that robots are 'not going to take over the world but that they’re merely peers and companions' by high-fiving, hugging, and ballroom dancing with willow garage’s largest prototype robot, the much-publicized pr2. the scientist also talks about elements of the design process to make robots feel more approachable and the role of science-fiction in robotics.