online: project japan, metabolism talks...

© taschen - cover of 'project japan, metabolism talks...'

a must-have for anyone interested in japan's contemporary architecture history. we're talking taschen's new release project japan, metabolism talks..., a 720-page book written by starchitect rem koolhaas and leading art historian hans-ulrich obrist. between 2005 and 2011, the two interviewed the surviving members, collaborators, critics, rivals and family members of metabolism, a japanese architectural movement that developed a vision for cities of the future, inhabited by a mass society marked by large scale, expandable structures that evoked the processes of organic growth.

although the group consisted of various different characters, the architects worked closely together to realize their dreams, supported by a supercreative bureaucracy and an activist state. the publication is a vivid documentary of the last avant-garde movement and the last moment that architecture was a public rather than a private affair. click [here] to order your copy. and if you happen to be in tokyo, do check out the fantastic metabolism - the city of the future exhibition at mori art museum [on through jan 15]. location: 6-10-1 roppongi, 53rd floor [roppongi].

© taschen / photography: yoshio watanabe - box-type mass-produced apartments by kisho kurokawa [1962]