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you know we're hooked on cool retail, so this book is right up our alley. we're talking frame publishers' new powershop 3, the third volume - and its biggest to date - dedicated to the very best in retail design around the planet. the glossy 696-page hardcover book lays bare the pivotal role that interior designers play these days, to integrate a company's brand identity into retail concepts - often also enhancing it - and craft some of the most stunning and exciting stores along the way. it's divided into nine chapters, featuring a wide range of various shops, department stores, supermarkets, pop-up stores  and showrooms of more than 130 international designers and practices, including designs by hot faves such as the bouroullec brothers, wonderwall and hayón studio. and it's not all about pretty pictures as powershop 3 also includes extensive descriptions, floor plans, sketches, detail drawings and construction photos that give you a rare insight into a string of top-notch retail projects. powershop 3 is available as of next month at select bookstore across the planet, but can also be ordered online.

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