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pop'africana magazine was launched in 2009 by founder and editor oroma elewa. hailing from nigeria, she relocated to new york city where she firmly rooted in the fashion community through her training and various freelance projects. at one point she realized that the global african community oddly enough lacks reputable and inspiring magazines that eloquently showcase the lifestyles, beauties and cultural diversity of contemporary africa and the african. pop'africana is a dynamic visual guide that brings together a cosmopolitan view on culture, beauty and style, emphasizing what is current, what's beautiful, innovative and progressive in african achievement worldwide.

additionally, it aims to present africa’s relationship to fashion through a lens that is new, and voices a new paradigm of what it means to be african today. the magazine's first two issues were received with critical acclaim from authoritative players in the fashion media, including vogue and purple magazine. but pop'africana urgently needs funding to continue its mission and share its unique vision with a growing number of readers worldwide. click [here] to view elewa's personal message and to find out more about the recently launched online funding campaign.

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