online: pony x dee & ricky split-ups

© pony - the pony x dee & ricky split-ups

pony is honouring its long lasting collab with the iconic new york-based fashion duo dee & ricky, and this time it's with two exclusive, quirky, colourful set of trophy sneakers. there's contrasts of colours and textures, combined with inventive d.i.y. features like the adjustable height [which gave the name of the collection] and the four pairs of funky bright laces that can be endlessly mixed and matched. the split-ups are sexy yet playful, eye catching with subtle details. these new dee & ricky concoctions feature the star material of this collection: smooth satin, with dark suede heel piece, a perfed leather tongue label, contrasting stitching, finished with a multi-colored funky zipper that transforms these goodies from high tops to lows in one swoop. the shoes can be ordered online very shortly.

© pony - the shoes up close