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we've always liked the feel and look of cork. on top of that it's shock-absorbant, water-resistent and bio-degradable, and it's been used for centuries for various purposes. the material's versatility has been readily acknowledged by pomm, a design studio based in the northern portuguese city of porto. they've crafted the pomm icorkcase, a rather cool design that inventively pairs the age-old organic material with modern geometry. the pomm ipad cork case consists of two parts that are welt together and has a slit opening on one side and small cut-out at the other that allows easy removal. a clever internal decive prevents your ipad to slide out, even if you keep it upside gown. the case's measurements are 260 x 216 x 26 mm and weighs approx. 300 gram. the pomm icorkcase is being released in a limited edition of only 4,000. if you preorder online now, you'll receive a tote bag as well.

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