online: paralymbic

rochambeau is a new york-based brand produced by new yorkers. for spring 2012, designers laurence chandler and joshua cooper were inspired by familiar territory. the big apple is very much defined by the people that inhabit it and therefore enriched by the mass culture that it bleeds. it's defined by street, a foot highway of culture and an accumulation of individuals that build up a mass pulse. as often as it is referenced within it's 'cultural representation', rarely do we see it dissected, broken down to the specific individuals whom define the beauty. it's these characters that decorate the corners and spill out into the open, those responsible for defining our city streets from all others. these often 'invisible' folks hide with in our subconscious, a constant reminder of the colorful experiences we encounter block by block. this beauty and love of the city is what rochambeau would like to touch. a expansion of that split second with a shadow that drags on...drags down into the world of street, the streets of new york city. © rochambeau / film director: hugh lippe, cinematography: shane sigler, music: balam acab