online: new chinese photography

© 88books - the inaugural series

88books is a vancouver-based independent press specialized in artist’s books by emerging and lesser-known artists from china. interestingly, it aims to represent interesting new voices of the country's free-spirited - if not a tad rebellious - younger generation, and provides flexibility and freedom of expression to the participating artists. so, each book is conceived and created uniquely by the artist but is produced in vancouver. in the inaugural new chinese photography series, 88books releases 10 books by 10 emerging photographers who are currently making waves in the chinese arts scene, including jiang yue, han meichao, no. 223, leon qu and li jin. the selected ten works represent the multiplicity and diversity of the various streams of photography practice in the country. 

© 88books - photographs by jiang yue and han meichao [top + bottom]