online: never met you

© moutwatering records - oskaar

oskaar is a future r&b pioneer, a modern day minstrel committed to harnessing unchartered soundscapes to articulate the boundless complexities and contradictions of the human soul. his voice is a signature baritone – smooth, grounded, yet vulnerable. also masterfully dabbling in visuals, he is on a mission to create an ethereal world that perfectly embodies his idiosyncratic sound. finally, the artist is an urban nomad – commuting between disparate locations such as berlin, new york city, los angeles, and his beloved marrakesh. after sending a hungry, viral tornado through the music and fashion blogosphere with his acapella version of röyksopp's monument, oskaar is back with a captivating song entitled never met you.

this sultry, liquid, steel drum-driven future r&b tune is a heart wrenching epitome break-up song. all the key ingredients that make for a classic in this genre were polished and distilled to essential perfection – the song is raw, emotionally exposed, savagely honest, hauntingly tender, and like a good fuck it straddles the fine line between pain and the gratification of emotional release. oskaar's song was turned into an elegant, mesmeric video through a collab effort with swiss photographer + creative director daniel bolliger and indonesian performance artist + model fahrani empel a.k.a. favelapunk. the result is a stark, arrestingly minimal meditation on the bondage of shattered affection – call it a simple vessel embodying the knotted complexity of the human love condition.