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on the move? hectic lifestyle? for men with a busy schedule there's a skin care brand that's able to keep up. we’re talking men’s skin brand min new york and its highly efficient skin care regime of products. we particularly liked these three: 1. the proenzyme trio facial scrub 2. the proenzyme trio facial cleanser 3. the complex intensive moisturizer these products all come in quasi-surgical tubes and pump packs. both the proenzyme trio facial scrub and proenzyme trio facial cleanser pack a minty after punch without adding to any resident dryness. the scrub works wonders, lifting layers of oil and debris off with minimal effort, and leaving your face tingling and energized. the complex intensive moisturizer is light blue and has a smooth, velvet consistency. it contains an exotic cocktail of azulene, avocado, grapeseed, lavender plus a blend of essential vitamins, and nourishes thoroughly without leaving any oil slick or post-afternoon puddles. it's best suited to normal and oily skins. min new york is for fans of no-fuss skin routines and hard-edged bathroom shelves. © min new york