online: making good suitcase tags

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the story of sydney-based making good began when friends mary libro and samuel szwarcbord went looking for the perfect wall calendar. unable to find one that did the job simply, they decided instead to make their own. from their first printed and paper products, the duo have gone on to utilise their diverse design knowledge to produce an increasing array of everyday items that are better than the ones you already have. making good looks closely at ordinary things, the objects we use every day. and with that practical perspective in mind they've now come up with very handy suitcase tags that enable you to spot your bag on the luggage carrousel from a mile away...well, almost. the tags come in orange, blue and lime, and wrap through handle and seals. they neatly fold and tuck closed with a discrete section inside to write your details. oh, and they're made from tyvek, a tear and water resistant paper alternative. fancy a few? then click [here] to order yours.

© making good - which colour would you pick?